Website Design

Website Design:

Most of us have the habit of liking the same place twice. But ever wondered, what triggers this behaviour? The aesthetics, the experience, the friendly nature, convenience and a responsive host. Just like an ideal website should be. A website is like the face of a brand, it is bound to be attractive because beauty sells. Creating an appealing website design will leave the tone for creating a lasting impression for a brand. As every user yearns for an experience that not only makes their visit to the website worthwhile for every second spent but also because they want it to be productive and memorable; it’s the perfect time for brands to invest hands-on on a well defined strategy for their website. A website is like a well of knowledge for a consumer and they want to keep visiting this well time and again to curate information but how can we make it special for them?

  • Create an immersive integrated web experience
  • Provide detailed, accurate and accessible information
  • Provide a mobile friendly experience as most of the users surf on the net through their mobile phones
  • Create a responsive design page that will help more users engage with it and help it top the SEO search index
  • An engaging responsive design will lower bounce rates and increase conversion
  • Seamless navigation experience on the website

User Experience Design:

While the shift in Digital paradigm is visible for everyone to witness, what remains a more teething challenge is to provide the user an experience that is not only smooth and convenient but also interactive. A website is very critical for a brand’s success for it’s identity is perceived on the basis of the value, experience and the service that it provides. ‘User Experience’ in general terms means providing the user ease while navigating through the website.

A rich, seamless experience will find many takers for it makes their stay worth every second spent. Also because the audience today wants to be interacted in a manner that is not only pleasing to the eyes but also to the mind. Simple and systematic.

Here’s how The Neon Project can assist you:

  • To simplify front-end experience that makes work the complexities behind the scene
  • Our UX designers manage this transition by answering three questions: ‘Who are the users?’ ‘How do they use it?’ and, ‘Does it work?
  • Taking into consideration the nuances of technology
  • More and more analogue products have digital components, from automobiles to pill bottles to light bulbs, and that means we have to pay attention to their interaction design and user experience. That’s why it’s paramount to understand the users’ needs. The difference between a smartphone and a dumb one is a smart UX designer.

User Interface Design:

A user interface is a platform where a user can transport itself to. It is the customer journey from the first step to the destination. A smooth user interface means an easy customer journey and experience for the user that allows easy navigation through the pages to the final page.

The TNP Promise:

  • To keep interfaces simple and create an “invisible” feel. Every element serves a purpose.
  • Respect the user’s eye and attention regarding layout; focus on hierarchy and readability
  • Ease complex tasks by using progressive disclosure
  • Facilitate interactions between a user and product
  • Use reusable design patterns to guide behavior regarding navigation and search functions

But how it will help us?

  • Immersive integrated web experience
  • Intelligent information architecture
  • Intuitive designs
  • Seamless user journey 
  •  Invisible feel to the entire User Interface

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