Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture is hugely critical in creating a strategic roadmap for a business’ short term and long term goals. To sculpt a brand from a brick into a sturdy building, one needs a fundamentally strong architecture. Which brings us to the question, what brand architecture is?


The role of brands within a brand constitutes the architecture of a brand. Roles and responsibility of each brand in sync with the company’s overall goals and philosophy.

It’s an organized structure showcasing the company’s portfolio to consumers so that they can form opinions and set priorities for an entire family of brands by interacting or learning about only one brand in that family. 


Build your Brand Architecture with TNP:


  • House of Brands – Where the parent brand and subsidiary compete against each other
  • Branded House – Where the parent brand is present in every brand extension/sub brand
  • Hybrid Brand – One brand name but different strategies and positioning
How Brand architecture helps?
  • Developing a strong brand architecture creates a strong positioning about the brand
  • A clear brand architecture so that you don’t wither away from your vision and mission
  • An integrated strategy so that the parent brand and sister (subsidiary) brands work in harmony with each other striving to achieve a common goal
  • With a well defined brand architecture stay on track within your overall goals and reduce marketing costs substantially
  • Create a guide that helps the brand as well as the sub brands
  • Create sound goals and reach the right audience
  • Let the parent brand capture the sentiments of the consumer so that there is more loyalty
  • Bolster your brand through set goals in place and enhance its equity
  • Elaborate and highlight different brands within the parent brand and cater to each one of them 

The stairway to success for brands depends upon the fundamentally sound architecture that it has. The guidelines it sets, the blueprint it lays, the strategies in place both for the parent as well as for the subsidiary. As a branding agency we know how pivotal it is to not only enhance your brand’s equity but also leverage its conglomerate. We measure risks and reap rewards. Ready to build your brand’s crown?

But how brand architecture helps?

  • Strong Positioning 
  • Harmony amongst the brands 
  • Create sound goals

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