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How does one stamp an everlasting impression? Is it the flair, the assurance, the detailing, the charm or a few words spoken seamlessly like when fine wine is poured into a glass or is it a fitting personality in general? Packaging with its finishing, visuals, colours, aesthetics does exactly the same. It, by all means, is a brand presenting itself to the final consumer. A firm handshake. The final yield, the final product. Like we are impressed by people who are well-groomed and have an eye for detail, packaging also leaves a lasting impression on a consumer. But what really influences a consumer’s decision to buy?


Packaging Design: Creating an identity that increases the salience

The New Age consumers are smart and conscious about their choices. When they buy a product, they buy themselves. This is because they like associating themselves with a brand that speaks and emits traits from their personality. 


But how does packaging design entice the consumer?

  • The overall finishing sets the tone for making the consumer identify/buy it again
  • The aesthetics make it revered, thus making it an instant connect with the brand
  • The textures, detailing and design manage to catch the attention of the consumer
  • The communication speaks to the consumer in the way they would like to be spoken otherwise thus making them believe and relate to the brand
  • Influences the psyche of the consumer and leaves a lasting impression thus propelling brand recall


At the Neon Project, our excellence lies in our passion to innovate and create packaging designs that would not only maximize the reach of a brand but also increase awareness around it. Using the right elements from a brand’s logo, textures, colours, typography and packaging material the intent is to establish a space in the mind of a consumer that stays embedded in their memory. Also, creating designs that can be recognized from a distance, all the necessary brand essentials mentioned above and lastly using the right visual elements so that it leaves a positive and rich experience on the consumer. Because, the richer the experience, the more brand loyalty, the more sales. 

But why should I invest in Packaging design?

  • Getting noticed
  • Holding attention
  • Communicating effectively
  • Maximizing mental availability
  • Being lovable

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