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Ever thought what’s the secret sauce that shapes a brand’s identity? Is it the positioning? It’s product? The communication? The visual design? It’s the entirety. A brand’s identity is the manifestation of its visual design, logo, tagline, colours and communication. The elements of a brand that portray its true image in the minds of the customers. How does a brand look, how it speaks, how it feels? How it interacts with the consumer in totality that would not only help it to stay distinct but also a step ahead from the competition. To sustain, a brand needs to create an identity that not only speaks volume about its essence but also what it believes in.


How can TNP shape your Brand’s Identity?


  • Create a distinct identity that stands out among competitors and catches your audience’s attention.
  • Create a memorable visual impact. (Consider Apple: The logo is so memorable they only include the logo—not their name—on their products.)
  • Build a scalable and flexible identity in order to evolve with the brand.
  • Devise a cohesive identity where each piece complements the brand identity.
  • Build an intuitive and clear identity that can be applied at various touch-points


Like to own the room one needs a strong presence, we at the Neon Project too focus on building an identity for your brand creates a niche of its own. A brand’s identity is the way through which it expresses and we know how critical it is to shape its personality. We do due diligence on what works for your brand’s identity v/s what doesn’t! From a strong visual language to communication to TG to trends, we chalk our strategies on what would create a definite impression of the brand in the minds of the consumer. We also gauge who you are trying to talk to and then help build an identity that stays embedded in a consumer’s journey with you.

But how it will help us?

  • Distinctness
  • High recall value
  • Intuitive and clear
  • Clear Expresssion

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