Retail Design

What is the bare essential that compels an aspiring pie-eater to eat one? it’s the visual/branding/communication of the pie in the first place that compels one to aspire to eat it, to buy it. With Retail Design, our aim is to provide branding solutions in store through key messaging. A communication that will not only compel the audience to visit the store but to also buy it. 


Well-crafted strategic retail design leads to:-

  • Last-mile engagement with the shopper
  • Create and reaffirm brand awareness and excitement
  • Brand-oriented shopping experience with traditional and technology-backed phygital interventions


But this is not all. The gen next buyer doesn’t merely look for shopping through a store but loves an engaging experience that makes it worthwhile. At The Neon Project, we have been studying the behavior of millenials when it comes to shopping so that we can make an interesting shopping experience for them. An integrated experience using physical and emotional elements  that make shopping a rich experience for them and a successful marketing strategy for you.

But why should I invest in Retail design?

  • Customer engagement
  • Reaffirm brand awareness
  • Brand oriented shopping experience
  • Technology based phydigital interventions

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