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How do we recognize a person, an entity, a brand, a seal, a stamp? From the looks of it. The distinct features, textures, the colours and the detailing. Instant recognition is guaranteed. For a Corporate, its identity is a composition of its ethos, practices, culture, people and policies. Corporate Identity is by all means a company presenting itself to the public in general but through a visual medium that makes it instantly recognizable and makes it synonymous with a certain design element. 

Why is Corporate Identity a must for all brands?

Instant Recognition: The design, trademarks, its logo, social media pages, assets and other branding items are its eyes and ears, hands and legs. They make a Corporate’s identity recognised in the blink of an eye.

Brand Loyalty: If the brand delivers on its promise and is widely spoken about & celebrated, it ensures enhances Brand Loyalty thus making it revered all around.

Brand Building: The visual elements create a unique personality for the brand and as more audience identify with it, they invest in it and spread the word thus building its credibility.

To create a brand that is instantly recognizable and revered by the audience, our strategy remains to give it a unique and consistent look and feel. Making the brand noticeable but in sync with its objective and positioning. Creating a brand which has withstood the test of time and managed to stay relevant and leave a positive outlook is also attributed to its corporate identity.

But how brand corporate branding helps?

  • Create a unique personality 
  • Enjoy Brand loyalty 
  • Get instant recognition

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