To create and add value through design, to shape and elevate perceptions and influence behaviours, to illuminate brand experienceTM. That is the purpose of The Neon Project.

​With a collective experience of over 20 years in the industry, we have chosen to remain intelligently naive. This, we believe, can effect more interesting changes than if we thought of ourselves as experts. More specifically, this allows us to be more open in the way we think and ensures our creative work is unrivaled.

Founded in the year 2013; in a very short span of time, The Neon Project (TNP) has found a place amongst the leading Brand Design Studios in the country. From ingeniously ignifying simple brands to subtly building greater personalities, TNP strives to enhance value through design. Clarity in understanding, a unique perception and sheer optimism in their approach to business challenges has got them appreciations and accolades galore from corporate houses and visionary brand owners from across the world. Energetic, Enthusiastic, Aware and Disciplined – The Neon Project talents are all these and more. Specialists, Generalists, Left brainers, Right brainers, Curious consumers; analysts of details and anomalous to uncommon ideas. Here is a proud independent agency promising to illuminate Brands, Businesses and Lives.

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In our view, effective design is one that is accountable – creatively and commercially. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, establishing an emotional and cognitive connect between a brand and its consumers is critical. This connection can only be forged through differentiated strategic positioning and appropriate evocative designs.

Beyond the external or tangible attributes of any product lies an intangible ‘brand essence’. Our designs capture and harness the power of this brand essence to cut through the category clutter while maximising sales potential and ROI.

At The Neon Project, we place design at the heart of your business strategy.

Our specialised design approach spreads across design roles (framing’, ‘problem solving’, ‘form and function’ and ‘style’) and disciplines (e.g. Communication, Industrial, Space, Interactive etc., to name a few), applying an integrated approach that we call ‘Design Strategy’. To plan, create and drive solutions rooted in the brand thought. So they are unique, clear and engaging across all media and touch points.


We call our unique approach ideaction™.

We create ideas that activate, actualize and accentuate your brand promise. Equipped with creativity and common sense, we walk the walk with you, pushing ideas into action.

While we believe that each brand is unique, every project we accept is broadly broken down into 3 phases:

contACT / Insight & Strategy

Undertaking an exploratory journey through and beyond your brand and its immediate context.

We observe, listen to and question your target customers and competitors. We dissect the market conditions and dynamics to gain insight into your brand’s drivers and roadblocks.

reACT / Synthesis & Decision

We execute the synthesis of learnings and birth of the engaging BIG idea.

Through this, we define why your brand exists, what your brand will stand for and how it will build an emotional connect with your consumers.

impACT / Production & Q.C.

Making the big idea work and having the execution skills to do it justice is what differentiates us from the rest.

Together, we decide how your brand personality will be expressed to appeal to your target consumers at the right ‘touch points’, consistently. So they see it where it matters to them the most.


Soul >> Heart™

We see design as one of the most powerful yet undervalued marketing tools in India. Our ‘soul to heart’ philosophy helps you tap into its immense potential by following the right path.

To us, modern brands are cultures; rich and nuanced with clear beliefs and values. They encourage their audiences to engage, and even shape them. Their visual identities don’t exist only in their guidelines, but in the physical elements that consumers see and touch in myriad ways in their everyday lives. Every object is an extension of the people who make it and your brand’s experiential world deserves to truly reflect your purpose and value.

This is where we step in.

By unearthing the noble truths (the soul) of your brand and expressing it creatively, we lend to your brand a language, an imagery and a singularly ownable experience that touches hearts and accelerates consumer response. Putting your brand in your consumer’s heart.



Catalytic re-briefing

We think of strategy and design as a single discipline. There are several ‘Strategy Decks’ that make for superlative reading, but don’t really translate into great visual designs.

Considering that over 25% designers tend to be dyslexic*, a twenty page text-laden document hardly ignites any sparks of inspiration.

Hence, our thinking process rises above the rest by combining strategic vision and inspiration to enable designers to use their natural abilities.

Our briefs are short, clear and visually rich. They provide springboards for visual ideas that are uniquely inspiring to designers. Needless to say, the teams that create our briefs always involve the designers responsible for the end product.

*Source: The Dyslexic Advantage, Brock L Eide MD MA & Fernette F Eide MD


100% Resolution

At The Neon Project, we do not consider a job complete until we’re absolutely sure the big idea is really working and the production has done justice to it.

We are proud to be the only brand design house to have the ability, intelligence and, most importantly, the willingness to lead and support you throughout the production phase to help you realize the big idea for your brand.

Our detailed step-by-step process fosters an increased value of output while our equations with award-winning industrial and speciality print houses, convertors and a super efficient network of vendors ensures that every job gets done with an assured 100% objectivity. Giving YOU exactly what you came to us for.

We believe
People appreciate design that touches them.
People like technology that walks with them.
People love brands that understand them.
People respect businesses that respect them.

We believe
Gut instincts and common sense lead to the best decisions.

We believe
Mediocrity is akin to darkness.
If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

We believe
In bringing extraordinary creative minds together…
And then playing a round of golf!

We work with leading brands and smart emerging businesses to script their stories and create tangible experiences that sets them apart from the competition and creates a connect with their customers.

This includes illuminating their brand strategy, creating distinct branding and visual identities, packaging, communication, environments and digital experiences.


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