Why inclusiveness matters?

Why Inclusiveness matters?

So recently, we at The Neon Project created an identity for film production company, ‘Black Knight Films’. We met Saif Ali Khan with a presumption that he would just brief us and we will need to create an identity for his production house (Minimum involvement of his own).

The truth was far away from the reality. When we met him, we were really awestruck by his passion for what he does, he had clearity and distinctness. We realised looking at his passion that we need to build a brand working extremely closely with Saif. We realised that his identity is going to be nothing but a reflection of himself. An identity of #BlackKnightFilms should be co-created with Saif Ali Khan is what we realised. We shared sketches at different stages directly with Saif, took his feedback, applied it on our design and created something beautiful that is close to his heart.

A great #design is often born by intuitions, either yours or your clients intuition. #Branding is about inclusiveness.

Mohammed is an avid reader on brands and their strategic shifts, attention to key details and more than anything passion in this field has brought him here.


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