Welcome back our Kirana Stores

Welcome back ‘Our Kirana Stores’

So there are reports that suggest after #Covid19, there will be a shift in consumer buying behavior, people will prefer to buy groceries online.

However, I feel the kirana store are here to stay even defeat the Wholesale and Online Big Cats.

I tried to buy from Grofers, BigBasket, Reliance Smart and Dmart Ready, but all failed to deliver. I tried to go to Dmart and Reliance and saw a long queue. I returned home.

Next day, went to my near by Kirana Store and got whatever I needed from it. The kirana store owner also told me how he goes early morning to buy stuff from distributor and makes sure everyone in the locality gets the ‘Essentials’ Supply

The entire locality is #thankful to our local hero and the #trust he has built is surely going to stay for a long long time. There are such similar stories across India.

PS: Not to forget they are much safer than big giants because they don’t allow anyone inside the store.

Share yours if you have one:)

#Relationships built during difficult times are there to stay.

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