Platinum Beverages Limited

A new brand to bring in the rich authentic country Milk

Expertise included 
Packaging Design

The Challenge

Fresh Milk category was one of the fastest growing due to availability of mechanised extraction as well as urbanisation in Kenya. The volumes certainly was the primary need the brands was looking to answer and hence their preference was Jersey Cows.
While it was becoming almost a norm in packaged Milk for consumers, the challenge was to see how the vision of Platinum Beverages can be made a reality of serving indigenous rich milk from local ‘zebu’ cows; in existing pouch format as a brand..
1920 PBL Maa logo

The Solution

TNP took the challenge and unearthed the Kenyan local know-how. Maasai, a local tribe, known to graze cows and survives on its fat rich milk. Their language ‘Maa’, a Nilotic ethnic language from their origin in the Nile region of North Africa was proposed as the name for the brand. 
Maasai tribe is known for their physical strength, endurance and warrior abilities. They are also known for love n care for their cattle. They raise them in best possible condition and never slaughter their cattle. Maasai tribe is known for their simple, highly active living. Through strong visual connect the brand has given strong association with Maasai which stood distinctly apart from the competition. 

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