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Turbo charging a talk of the town vodka fused RTD from Kenya

Expertise included 
Structure Design

The Challenge

Ferrari Ice is one of few successful local brands introduced in Kenya in recent times. The brand owners approached TNP with an objective of sharpening the brand image for younger audience.
Major challenge for us was to accept the fact that the product is a ‘ready to drink’ Vodka fusion; however it was being perceived as a beer by the consumer. And, that Ferrari Ice had no own-able story/ stance as a brand. The task had two objectives; to enliven the brand through packaging, and multiply the ‘on premise’ consumption.
Ferrari Ice old bottle vs New bottle design

The Solution

It was important to get appropriate insights of the Kenyan market; hence we started studying the socio-economic landscape around the TG, the codes of alcoholic drinks, Kenyan youth, their lifestyle and aspirations, their drinking rituals and habits etc. The idea was to find most prevalent undercurrent.
Vodka fusion drinks usually are given crisp, colourful unisex pack identities, but mostly to cater to the female audience. Here, we broke that code and we solidified the brand by semiotically encoding strength and control. A newly designed cylindrical bottle with amber coloured glass shaped a bold, authoritative confident persona. Angular placement of label expressed excitement, energy of a young mind. The key visual hook ‘the flying piston block’ not only read their minds but convincingly spoke strength and freedom through their favourite tech-toys. Overall, the designed pack identity created value and aspirations through a 500ml SKU and impact-full visual design increasing on-premise desire for Ferrari Ice.

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