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Electrifying a new vodka-premix brand

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Range Architecture

The Challenge

Momentum ice, a local Kenyan brand, had the dual task of withstanding the onslaught of brands in the category and standing tall against a globally recognised competitor. Using local nuances in the visuals and the branding with a global touch, we helped create a brand that is the pride of its owners and a favourite with the youth. A brand that is a strong local fighter that can withstand competition from across the globe. ‘Cheering’ with Momentum.
 In the rapidly evolving Kenyan market, where economy has been consistently growing, there has been a significant improvement in the living condition, leading to more disposable income. As a result, there is an eager rush of international brands and global giants in all segments.
WThe challenge for Momentum Ice, a 100% local new entrant in the category, was to withstand the onslaught and target the youth, with limited advertising budget. Especially tough, considering they had to fight ‘Smirnoff Ice’ head on right from the start.
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The Solution

To triumph over Smirnoff, an unequivocal global leader in premium Vodka, we needed to unearth something from the local fabric of life. Research followed by interactions with Kenyan locals led to discovering an increasing ‘inferiority complex’ due to sub-standard local products. Countering this to proudly depict itself as a strong local contender, we decided to make Momentum Ice stand firm with its ‘Glocal’ identity.
The product with its tag-line ‘electrifying experience’ was given a visual hook with a local flavour and an international style. Expandable to several collaterals suitable for point of sale visibility, the visual architecture made the brand stand out and lent confidence to the brand team to withstand strong competition. Giving true liberation and expression to a new brand with high product credentials.

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