Pack Rejuvenation for locally loved beer brands of Assam

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Range Architecture

The Challenge

MIBC a renowned local player in Assam territory approached us with a task of rejuvenating their well-admired beer brands Kingsberg, Master 9000 and Spinner 10000. The owners were looking to tap the younger audience; and hence aluminum can was chosen as its young pack avatar replacing glass bottles.
Since, MIBC brands had dominance in Assam region the key challenge was to gather correct insights from audience and unearth the preference pattern in the region. Local scale brands usually prefer to have ‘me too’ look and ride on the familiarity of big players. Our proposition to MIBC was to rise and remain visually distinct from the popular players like Kingfisher, Carlsberg, Haywards, etc. as the nomenclature followed by MIBC brands was very close to them.
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The Solution

Proud visual newness that would resonate with existing as well as younger audience for brands that does have budget constraints; the task was tough. Intense interactions and study of local aspects made us reach crucial findings. Things that matter in the life fabric of audience.
Basis on the learnings, we devised a ‘UNICAL’ design approach; having universal international appeal and local connect. The concepts successfully translated the brand specific story on the pack and later expanded it to other marketing mix to form real life aspirations and affiliation. Within given context for each brand, unique colour blocking, relevant and ownable elements, and most importantly appropriate expression of brand thought were devised to cut through the clutter of several local ‘me too’ players and thereby elevate image of MIBC brands. The ‘local love in new avatar’ pack designs worked at all fronts. Cheers!

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