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Image design of world first E-Distributor company

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The Challenge

The world’s first e-distributor company was looking for a brand image that fit in ‘just right’ with their game changing goals. A responsive and approachable  brand image helped express empathy and trust to brick and mortar stores struggling for survival. Positive, versatile and simple brand language bridged the ‘new age tech’ to ‘Indian traditional business values’. Cohesively conveying trust, and gaining it. 
In a booming e-retail age, while most brick and mortar shops are struggling for business, ‘Just Buy Live Enterprise’ decided to rescue them like a knight in shining armour. In a superb twist of irony, through a digital interface – a mobile App! 
With only a logo in their hand and an ambitious vision in their mind, the founding members of the company were looking for a brand image ‘just right’ for their unique B2B venture. To evocatively express the brand purpose but at the same time present the ‘new age tech’ aspect effectively.
1920 JBL purpose

The Solution

The Neon Project was given the tough task to make the TG feel that the technology was on their side this time. By presenting the brand as a smart, agile, hassle-free, omnipresent, adaptable, profitable source to go to. We used White effectively to depict the movement of goods. Virtual to real, unorganised to organised, chaotic to hassle-free. And yes, fresh, brand new, with a spark! To bring goods directly from their brands. 
The brand’s visual language leveraged its mobile dependence to portray the spatial quality of a mobile phone screen and a smooth mobile OS interface.The bright brand colours, metaphor of a Box and other visual elements conveyed the advantages of joining hands with JustBuyLive. The strategically simple language and persona offered deep empathy in a volatile business landscape. 
 To explain the concept of E-Distribution to the large array of consumers with optimal media spend, every touch point was carefully used. A cohesive and expressive design language along with technological intervention cut through the diversity of Indian languages.

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