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Reincarnation of a global basmati brand with true taste of heritage

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The Challenge

GSIV was in dire need of a rebranding exercise that would develop a credible story to make it stand out in the cluttered market and be accepted as a heritage offering. We devised an ancient goal seal as a brand mark, designed the entire brand mix in line with the brand mark and devised a unique communication framework for the trade launch. Re-igniting interest through the true seal of heritage.
 Gold Seal Indus Valley (GSIV), a successful premium basmati rice brand from the house of Hindustan Unilever Limited, was first launched in the GCC countries in 1986. Rooted firmly in its Indian origin and with the promise of superior taste, the brand stood strong as a premium offering, and had a long-term vision of expanding into other international markets.
While GSIV was a success in GCC markets, the overall brand mix was not in line with its vision. GSIV wanted to be accepted as a genuine, time-tested, heritage brand that sourced only the most authentic basmati rice to deliver superior taste to its new-age consumers. It was in urgent need of a rebranding effort that would develop a credible story to present its brand essence and make it stand out amongst the influx of brands in the market. 
1920 HUL GSIV Before1920 HUL GSIV After

The Solution

A series of customer interactions confirmed that the connotation of the word ‘Indus’ was not common knowledge. The unavailability of the brand in India also seemed to cause a lack of trust about its history. These insights led us to the formation of a key brand promise – the experience of the ‘authentic taste of heritage’. Glorifying the legacy of the brand and the rice it sourced became the basis for a new visual language and tone of voice. A uniquely crafted ancient gold seal was devised as a brand mark and visual hook. With packaging as the main focus, essential storytelling elements were carefully created, assessed and applied across all forms of communication. The compelling story on the packaging infused with simple yet effective design cues received glowing feedback.
The specially crafted gold seal was seen as a mark of heritage & authenticity. And the new brand mix, from packaging design to launch collaterals, enabled GSIV to be perceived as a time-tested and sought after brand well-equipped to cater to a modern audience. The Neon Project worked with the brand team to devise an effective communication framework for the trade launch of GSIV. Adopting a novel approach, we educated traders about the brand thought and product promise before they stocked the product in their shops. An exclusive miniature ‘biryani handi’ and a story-teller collateral was designed and given as souvenirs to all the launch invitees.

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