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The Challenge

Facing a tough battle for survival, Diamond, Enhance UAE’s latest acquisition, needed a brand makeover. Rejuvenating the umbrella brand through wordplay on ‘Diamond’, we lent a deeper meaning to the brand identity and followed it up with powerful packaging design with strong visuals; ownable brand elements and an effective source of origin connect. Making the brand get ‘shining re-entry’ in a fiercely competitive segment. 
Diamond Enhance UAE’s latest acquisition needed a complete makeover. An archaic appearance coupled with a long silence in the market had led to a continuously decreasing market share.
 The brand was struggling for survival in the fiercely competitive segment. With a desire to re-establish the bran in popular retail chains across the GCC market and gain credibility, Enhance UAE wanted to infuse fresh energy and vigor into the brand.
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The Solution

Our approach was two pronged. Refresh the umbrella brand to begin with and follow it up with strong, vibrant packaging on the products to strike an emotional connect with lost consumers. Wordplay on ‘Diamond’ led to cues of global sourcing, paramount quality and vitality, giving the brand identity a significant lift and deeper meaning.
 The packaging solution included using the existing pack format but improving visual communication. Key visual element of a fishing boat in the Pacific, drool-worthy product depiction and emphasis on the brand’s ‘Dolphin Friendly’ aspect helped Diamond get customer attention. We used a refreshing & identifiable brand ‘ownable’ colour for high-impact shelf presence and a clean visual architecture simplified the product selection at the shelf level. 

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