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Adding a fragrant aura to Sunlight Sri Lanka

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The Challenge

Sunlight, the most popular, iconic cornerstone brand in SriLankan market; needed a relook at its core promise and overall image. With the evolving target audience mix, it was a time to reestablish its relevance and align aspiration value with the new-age potential consumers.
The challenge was to surpass the success of Sunlight Rose offering in the recent past. The brand team in this regards had a plan to introduce an exotic variant of Japanese Sakura fragrance specifically to address the younger audience. The challenge was to exude a dimension to the already established brand promise of ‘fragrance-lock’. Add a dimension of ‘luxe’ to the well-known entity.
1920 SLDP SL Sakura a

The Solution

Here, the deep dive into the Sri Lankan culture and trust on natural products shown us the way. The undeniable deep affection and immense belief in nature can be seen through the presence of an actual raw ingredient in several personal care products. This insight, ‘being is believing’ approach of even the new-age audience, we felt can be leveraged as the communication hook. This was captured well through the key visual of a perfume bottle with real flowers inside. The visual itself emphatically expressed the preciousness, potency and longevity of the fragrance.


The skin of exquisiteness infused through select deep hues. It built confidence and required attitude. A dash of gold helped elevate the value perception. The pack got an amazing response in the market. The refreshed pack avatar made consumers see their brand Sunlight with a new, alive, fragrant layer of aura around. They felt its edge over and above the time-tested admiration Sunlight has.

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