Crushing the stereotype of typical Annual Report for MCCIA

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Corporate Branding
Annual Report Design

The Challenge

MCCIA has been playing a significant role in accelerating the industrial and economic development of Pune region for more than eight decades now. They are one of the most active chambers of Commerce in India and they have been instrumental in promoting number of institutions in Pune. MCCIA has continuously driven to make Pune a global business destination and has been catalyst for economic development of the region.
MCCIA came to us with an intriguing task of making their annual report creative and celebratory for marking a milestone of 8 decades. The challenge was indeed to justify their 80 years of success in growing businesses in and around Pune region with a creative twist.
MCCIA Corporate Brand Design

The Solution

We started with a detailed study of MCCIAs contribution, domains of operation, the expanse of operations, achievements till date from its inception. After studying the same, we thought to have multifaceted character of MCCIA that represents it aptly. Also, we wanted to make sure the report stands out from the earlier reports.
We wanted to devise a design that portrayed focus, agility, spirit and dedication of the organisation that they have maintained in the last 8 decades. The one that showcases the ability of staying firmly grounded and seeing the ambitions reach higher skies; being a proud enabler on which many of the aspirants can rely on. Hence our design adds an edge with a display element of the milestone that the stake holders can happily put on display and offer MCCIA more visibility. Visually appealing annual report was much appreciated by all the stake holders and as a result TNP devised design style for all their annual reports subsequently. 

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