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The Challenge

Comfort began the journey in India in 1996 with the mission of making people experience the difference that using a fabric conditioner made to their clothes, and to change the way women looked at laundry.


With product benefits like all-day freshness, new-like shine and softer clothes, Comfort continues to delight consumers. Caring for clothes stands at the heart of Comfort.

With the upgrading lifestyle of its core consumer there was a need to introduce a choice the TG would upgrade to. The challenge was to do so building on the brand world.

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The Solution

The name ‘Perfume Deluxe’ was tested and earned consumer votes. The proposition of French Perfume demanded feel of indulgence and opulence to convey effectively. The product scent with an extraordinary blend of floral and fruity notes inspired opulent visualisation of exotic flowers and a mesmerising feel on the pack.


With the semiotics of colours, our suggestion of Black with a dash of Gold helped land the luxury aspect and bring the perfume effect to life. The carefully crafted small mnemonic of Eiffel Tower served as the visual hook associating the origin ‘France’ with product. Clean, confident and Comfortable… all qualities mingled effortlessly on the pack evacuating just the right feel when tested with consumers.

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