Innovation & design thinking: Skill-ToolKit: 054

Tool: Brand Story skill/tool

A story of a boy who started his journey from selling tea on a railway station platform, and ending up being a prime minister! The moral of the story is not; asking to sell tea to be the prime minister. hahaha

Your brand story must have two components, TRUTH and COMPELLINGNESS, to be accepted by the audience. 


In today’s Google search era, you cannot hide the untruth story or build your brand around a made-up (fictional) story. If your customers come to know that your brand story is false, they will lose trust in your brand. Once you lose their trust, you lost them forever.

Before the internet era, things were different people believed what brands said or showed. There was no easy way of finding the truth. However, today’s smartphone with wifi connection has changed that scenario. Therefore, the era of a made-up brand story is finished. 


A fairness cream – claiming fair skin within a few weeks – leading to get a good job or husband. TRUTH: how much you apply this fairness cream, your skin, and luck remains unfair to you!

Today consumers are moving towards ‘Conscious-Consumption,’ make-belief stories no more stand for the scrutiny of the time. Only those brands which are rooted in TRUTH and narrated COMPELLING have a great future.


Johnnie Walker – walking since 1820. TRUTH: it’s genuinely Scotland product with 200 years of experience.

Amul – Taste of India. TRUTH: it’s a cooperative run by milk producers from India

In conclusion, Innovators and Design-thinkers keep in mind that in today’s Google search era, you cannot hide an untruth for long. Therefore, it’s better to have a brand story based on truth, then tell the story compellingly, then the audience will trust you.

Dharam is a purpose driven Brand Strategist & Designer and a Mentor with over 15 years of brand building experience


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