Why correct timing is important for success of a product...

Let’s go back to 1995 and then return to 2020 again!


So, do you remember why 1995 is so special?


Bollywood released Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge…One of the most successful bollywood movies of all time? Why did it taste such an epic success? Ofcourse, the product(movie) was good but then the timing of the launch was perfect.


DDLJ came at a time when globalisation of Hindi cinema was still in its infancy stage and of course, the NRI factor hit the nail on the head. With desh ki mitti and sarson ke khet, Aditya Chopra presented the idea of love for one’s home-country way better than other movies of that time. The country was changing both culturally and economically, and young people were displaying a new self-confidence. The movie beauty reflected this.


Now, what can we launch in 2020? During this #covid19 era.. Innovation is needed, I loved how Marico Limited launched Fruits and vegetable disinfectant brand; ‘Veggie Clean’. Some products in personal care and beauty segment will need ‘disinfectant’ as an added benefit to make it big. What do you feel?

Ending this post with a lovely DDLJ poster. Go back in time and feel the nostalgia.


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