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Retail Structure Innovation

The Challenge

Chocolairs is the only brand speaking to adult audience and stands as the most premium among Eclairs category in India. Due to the fast changing scenario on currency denomination, which is driving most of the purchase decisions in Indian markets recently across categories. Re 1 cost also was in question due to the challenge of unavailability at times.
Moreover the same cost was applicable for many other products offering multiple SKUs in the same. Cadbury wanted to improve price perception for Choclairs and to enable shopper to choose the same with much confidence than as an alternative.
Product Design concept for Cadbury Choclairs

The Solution

In depth on field as well as internet based research. A closer look at the brand Cadbury and its overall top down approach in market. Rigorous scan on unorganised player offerings as well as TG interactions consolidation of observations, learnings and possible ways to improvise the Choclairs franchise
Design interventions for product form, fillings, formation and enhancing the experience through primary packaging, secondary packaging. Also to resolve the very problems at PoS through insightful dispenser mechanism to avoid camouflage.
The marketing, R&D, manufacturing teams overall was very kicked by seeing the realities as well as resolving design solutions and selected a set for further developments.

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