Ecofurn India

A rebranding that joined the art of making to the art of comfortable living

Expertise included 
Brand language
Corporate branding
Website Design

The Challenge

1986 born Ecofurn with its signature ‘home furniture packages’ at affordable rates targeting the working class, had received significant attention, buy-in and admiration by masses. The owners intended to re-enter the market in 2016. Albeit with their passion for traditional wood work and the art of making lean, modern, sensible furniture for present generation.
Keeping the approach economical, TNP helped them express everything that matters effectively across select media.
1920 EF Brand feel

The Solution

While the competitor brands are aggressive and playing up on ‘convenience, hassle-free purchase’ and ‘variety of designs’ aspect, the deliberate yet insightful approach in communication helped Ecofurn cut through the competition. The intent was to bring out the rooted traditional methods and honesty in making the furniture. We invited the audience in the factory for touch and feel experience. Thereby celebrating the purist inside out approach, durability through wood joinery techniques, environmental as well as child safety to the modern day financially strong but ‘aware’ working-class. Overall, Ecofurn rebranding touched upon ‘what to value’ and also ‘why’ in home furniture.
Explicit visual depiction of wood joinery drew attention and awareness about the art of making perfect wooden products. Customers being educated towards the internal details that decides the performance of final product. Also the love of the brand owners to ‘make’ product themselves than simply trading. Their passion for the authentic material and human safety as well as concern for the environment got noticed by masses.

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