Let us be an ImagiNation!

Let’s be an #imagiNATION

#Lockdown has given us all a time to imagine? But, why we should all imagine?

Imagination is the realm of the mind where you see things that do not yet exist in this world, but which one day might. It is an under-appreciated yet critical element of creativity and innovation.

We all used to be imaginative when we were children, we all have imagined flying cars, dancing fruits, superheroes and what not? Guess what, some of the things are actually real now.

Ironically, in business, imagination is much less used and possibly even looked down upon.

The more clearly you can imagine the scenario, the more likely you are to come up with truly creative ideas that have the potential to become major innovations.

Now, it is the time as #entreprenuers#employers #employees you start imagining, the first step to create something beautiful. Now it’s the time because you are not confined to your work station, you are not confined in front of your computers.

For a truly innovative product, you want great imaginations at every step of the innovation ladder. At The Neon Project, we are imagining about Talking #Packaging, Walking Packaging, Dancing Packaging, Flying Packaging, Packaging that can see and a lot more.

So, start drooling in your imagination.


Mohammed is an avid reader on brands and their strategic shifts, attention to key details and more than anything passion in this field has brought him here.


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