Innovation & Design-thinking: Skill-ToolKit: 050

Brand (Micro) Discourse Analysis – for example, Logo.


Brand (Macro) Discourse Analysis – for example, communicating the brand positioning in the market with campaigns for a more extended period. 

For example:

Raymond, ‘the complete man’; even though the advertising message remains the same, visuals changed parallel to changing treads and the lives of the targeted user. Semiotics has provided the context in better alignment of brand meaning to the consumer needs and wants. Furthermore, this resulted in more positive engagement between the brand and the user.

Case study: 

Raymond has run a series of meaningful advertising campaigns over the years; those have served the brand to achieve cult status among Indians. ‘The Complete Man’ campaign drove the brand to glory. It corresponded with India’s economic liberalization, grabbed the attention of aspiring young men to the growing big brand.

‘The complete man’ does not certainly mean a male. A complete man means a complete human being who good at handles responsibilities.’ Therefore, Raymond man as a personification of care, love, and affection. Who handles his societal responsibilities and family roles with patience.


Brand Discourse Analysis – is a qualitative research technique used to study public relations communication. which analyze three specific aspects of the language: 

1 Form and the context of the language used (the context may encompass a social and cultural framework as well as non-verbal cues like body language, image, and symbols).

 2 The way people use language to communicate ideas and beliefs.

 3 Institutional and organizational factors, that might shape the language use.


In conclusion, as innovator and design-thinker, following Brand Discourse Analysis – ‘qualitative research’ technique to study the public relations communication of a brand helps you to understand the brand evolution journey better. 

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